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    The 7th International Indonesia Gas Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

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    The 8th International Indonesia Gas Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

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    The 8th International Indonesia Gas Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

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Connecting The Archipelago; National Gas Infrastructure Development

The 7th International Indonesia Gas Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition

25 - 26 September 2018, Ballroom, Pullman Hotel, Thamrin - Jakarta


IndoPIPE 2018 is a bi-annual conference for oil and gas industry executives and gas infrastructure and pipeline professionals involved in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of gas infrastructure and pipelines, to share best international practices and the latest techniques as well as updates on new technology research, development, and applications in gas infrastructure and integrity management.

The conference will explore topics relevant to all aspects of gas infrastructure design and construction, operations, maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement. Learn from leading international gas infrastructure operators as they present case studies of major projects worldwide and share their knowledge and experience on risk-based strategies for asset management, evaluating gas infrastructure and pipeline integrity, managing operational problems, pipeline cleaning and coating, and rehabilitation processes and procedures.


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Dilo Seno Widagdo

Chairman Steering Committee IndoPIPE 2018 / Chairman IAPMIGAS, Director of Infrastructure and Technology, PT PGN Tbk

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Achmad Herry Syarifuddin

Chairman Organizing Committee IndoPIPE 2018 / Vice Chairman IAPMIGAS, Operation Director, PT Pertamina Gas

On behalf of the IndoPIPE 2018 Steering and Organizing Committees, it is an honour to invite you to attend the 7th International Indonesia Gas Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition 2018 to be held on 25 - 26 September 2018 at the Ballroom Pullman Hotel - Jakarta.

Themed “Connecting The Archipelago; Infrastructure Gas Development”, the IndoPIPE 2018 conference will focus on facilitating intensified collaboration to capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the Indonesian Government’s plans to accelerate national gas infrastructure and pipeline development.

The forum aims to facilitate more detailed information-sharing,interactive discussions and exchange of ideas in policies, management, economics and technological advancements in offshore and onshore pipeline operations including LNG and Mini LNG receiving Terminal.

The conference promises to attract a highly distinguished panel of speakers, who will share their experiences on challenging projects and state-of-the-art gas infrastructure engineering practices, as well as present the latest strategies and new technologies for CNG, LNG and new pipeline development.


> National Gas Infrastructure Development
> PGN Strategy for Domestic LNG Utilization
> Advantage by Integrating National Gas Companies (Holding Migas) to Sustain Economic Growth
> Mapping of Gas Demand for Electrical Power & Industry


Regulation Session
> New Regulation Permen No.18/2018


Panel Discussions
> Challenge and Opportunities the implementation of the National master plan for Gas Infrastructure
> Industrial support for National Gas Industry Development
> Financing for Gas Infrastructure Project in Indonesia


Technical Sessions
> Coating properties, cathodic protection, corrosion
> Asset Management
> Gas Safety
> CNG station standard
> Pipeline station standard


Who Should Attend?


> Government and legislation officials
> Senior executives of international and regional oil and gas companies
> Gas infrastructure and pipeline integrity management,rehabilitation and maintenance specialists
> Gas producers, transporters and distributors
> Major engineering and technology manufacturers and contractors
> Gas infrastructure and pipeline equipment manufacturers and suppliers, engineering and construction contractors
> Gas infrastructure and pipeline project management specialists
> Gas infrastructure and pipeline project financiers and legal advisors


Benefit of Attending


In addition to being updated on the latest information on technology research, development and applications in the gasinfrastructure and pipeline industry, participants will learn how

> Integrate gas infrastructure and pipeline maintenance withoperations, HSEQ and risk management.
> Identify, assess and mitigate risks in oil and gas transmissionsystems.
> Develop cost effective solutions to increase protection and performance to extend the life of their gas infrastructure and pipelines.
> Carry out comprehensive oil and gas infrastructure and pipeline inspection most effectively.


IndoPIPE 2018 Exhibition provides an excellent venue for leading companies to showcase their latest technologies in gas infrastructure & pipeline materials, design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance and inspection, integrity and reliability.

An invaluable opportunity to meet & communicate directly with key government officials and senior executives and engineers from Indonesia’s oil and gas industry.

Exhibition Floor Plan


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cmrp certification

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is one of the world’s top credentialing program for certifying the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance and reliability professionals. The CMRP is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which follows ISO standards for its accreditation and processes.

Examining more than just textbook information, the CMRP is a thorough examination of a broader scope of expertise measured against a universal standard. It was developed to assess professionals’ aptitude within the five (5) pillars of the Maintenance and Reliability Body of Knowledge:

• Business Management
• Equipment Reliability
• Manufacturing Process Reliability
• Organization and Leadership
• Work Management



registration form

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IndoPIPE 2018 Secretariat:
T: +62 21 8378 3757

F: +62 21 8378 1126

E: indopipe.committee@i-eec.com